Thursday, May 19, 2016

Interview Question Series - Architecture Concerns

Interview Question Series - REST vs SOAP

Difference between SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST (Representational State Transfer)

      SOAP is standard communication protocol (with some set of rules) and its XML based message exchange. SOAP can use http and SMTP both. In SOAP, the WSDL (web service description language) contain the description for set of rules defined for messages,  binding and operations. for complex Service /application program SOAP is useful and better.

      REST  is based on pure Http, doesn't contain any additional messaging layer, resources can be access from unique URI. It works with standard http operations (methods/Verbs) GET,PUT,DELETE,POST and HEAD. for simple CRUD (create,retrieve, update and Delete) operations the REST is better.

Interview Question Series - Tier vs Layer

  • Layer is a logical separation, how to organize the code. E.g.: presentation (view), controller, models, repository, data access, and Tier is a physical separation, where the code / process runs. E.g.: client, application server, database server;
  • Layers mainly help in architecture principal of Maintainability, to deploy separate code at separate server, in Tier helps in performance where we can improve app performance if we have more then 1 server, like app server and DB Server.
  • Layers are like, presentation layer (or UI), business logic layer and Database Layer, and Tire is like 2 tire , with app server and DB server.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Java language support for .net

If you love C# and Visual studio, and you have some work in java, want to use Visual studio for JAVA language support ? Microsoft already provided one extension for java language in visual studio

here is the link